Greed is a vehicle for dissemination and universal exploitation of scientific and educational programs. It combines the concepts of grid computing@home and massive multi-player online games with the free and open-source software ideology and development practices. The main aim of Greed is to become a link between institutions for research & education and Internet users by providing a global and open computing environment that allows all parties to pursue their own goals and interests. Institutions utilize the computing resources of Internet users and in return provide a high-reliability server infrastructure needed for operation of persistent virtual worlds created and maintained by communities of Greed members.

In its essence, Greed is a hack to make this world a better place. It attempts to expose greed both as the ultimate source of motivation as well as an unwholesome tendency that limits the human cooperation and hinders global development. But "greed" is not a very good name for a project, unless it is an acronym: Greed is a Global Research Environment for Equitable Development. (Global Research Environment for Eidetic Design is also an option, suggestions are welcome.)


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